About The Blog

The Ordinary Political is simply meant to be a forum for sharing stories of personal interest on political issues in Canada and the United States. Many of the items posted will not be groundbreaking headlines, nor will they be anything above and beyond what many see on other news sites. Rather TheOrdinaryPolitical is a place to add comments to stories, to build upon and perhaps illuminate other viewpoints missed by mainstream media.

In no way is this site the definitive authority on any issue or story. The Ordinary Political acknowledges there are many individuals and blogs out there with knowledge far beyond what is posted here. Any errors or misinformation are solely that of the author. In addition, any expressed viewpoints are only that of the author and not to be attributed to any other individual or website.

The sources and inspiration behind many of the posts will be drawn from ordinary mainstream news and information sites in Canada and the United States. Credit will always be given for any text, and ideas used on The Ordinary Political. Some may argue the sources for this blog lack academic credibility and the inherent lack of bias required to be taken seriously. However, as the title of the blog suggests, The Ordinary Political is meant to be accessible and relatable to most individuals, regardless of their political viewpoints and knowledge. By drawing inspiration and stories from ordinary news sites, The Ordinary Political strives to be in touch with the information put forward to regular individuals.

Constructive criticism is always welcome and will be taken into consideration with an open mind. The Ordinary Political will work to return the favour by posting stories and comments in a critical, yet constructive manner, elaborating on the reasons behind the critiques put forward on an issue.

Thank you for taking the time to visit!

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