Election Roundup – 1 Week To Go

Here we are in the last week of the federal election campaign. I have been finding that as the weeks go by, there seems to be less and less to write about for this campaign. Nevertheless, here are some headlines from the past week.

Ring Ring

  • The phone lines have been heating up, as both candidates and polling companies dial up Canadians to win their support, and also gauge the sentiments of the electorate. I personally have had several phone calls this week. Some because I have given my name and phone number to specific parties, other simply because I live in their riding. There has also been an increase in the number of phone calls from polling companies, asking to press 1 for this candidate, and press 2 for that one. This seems to be more action than I remember from the last campaign, and I am curious if you have been receiving lots of phone calls as well.

Forget Number Two, There is a New Number One

  • Last week I wrote about the NDP’s surge in the previous week. As it turns out, that surge is still going, largely at the expense of the Liberals. The NDP are now polling in the number one spot in Quebec, or at the very least a close, statistical tie. Overall, the NDP is also strongly challenging the Liberals for number two nationwide. Many polls also have them ahead of the Liberals, or in a statistical dead heat. I am still hesitant about whether this will translate into a significant gain in seats for the party, but it is good news nonetheless for the party’s supporters.


  • One unfortunate reality of election campaigns is that campaign signs often get vandalized. It is the most juvenile way of voicing one’s displeasure with a particular candidate (not to mention, a criminal act, which could land you in jail). But recently, cars were added to the list of items vandalized during the campaign. One of the most prominent cases was that of Liberal MP Bob Rae, who had a tire on his car slashed. He joked that he didn’t think it was Stephen Harper.

Advanced Voting

  • This week Canadians had the opportunity to vote ahead of May 2. So far, the numbers appear to be encouraging. I personally don’t like voting in advance. I like to wait right up until the very end. Who knows what kind of shenanigans the parties might get into in the final days. My vote is still up for grabs right now, although I am 90% of the party I am voting for. However, my number two choice still has time to woo me, and I would hate to vote early, then change my mind. Did you vote in the advanced polls? What are your thoughts about voting early?

Please include your thoughts about this week’s campaign action below.


About Chris James

A student of political science at a Canadian University sharing stories of interest on Canadian and American political and social issues.

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  1. I’m divided on the issues surrounding the rise of the NDP. On one hand, it seems the logical party of refuge for voters disenchanted with the other parties (especially the Liberals, sadly for them) but I have to wonder if this support is more conditional than permenent….


    Also, I found it a little strange the way the CBC was relying on polls until they reported the Orange surge, then someone wrote an article on their website criticizing the accuracy of polls in general…

  2. i think voting early is a nice option (especially for me since i will be out of the country on the day of the election), but i think unless there are legitimate reasons to vote early, people should vote on the actual election day.

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