Election Roundup – 2 Weeks To Go

There are only two weeks left, people! Better make up your mind about who is going to get your vote on May 2nd. In case you missed anything, here are some headlines from the week.

Debating the Debates

  • We saw the leaders of the Liberals, NDP, Conservatives and Bloc square off in two debates this past week. Much of the consensus is that Harper and Layton did the best in the english language debate. Harper kept his cool, amidst numerous, unending attacks. Layton appeared witty and focused, and made an argument as to why you should support his party. The reactions to Ignatieff were more mixed. He appeared to get flustered at times, and his body language was not very good. But some say he performed well, and eventually found his groove. Duceppe floundered in the english debate, and soared in the french one (anyone surprised?).

Blast From The Past

  • Ignatieff was pulling out the big guns this week, in an attempt to gain some much needed momentum. Former Prime Minister Paul Martin joined Ignatieff on the campaign trail during some stops in western Canada. Martin talked about the things his government did while in office, and how the Conservatives had been opposed to all of them. So far, Martin’s appearance does not seem to have had an impact. Word is Jean Chretien will be coming out soon to support Ignatieff. It is likely that he will have a bigger impact than Martin. They are likely waiting to bring him out in the home stretch.

A New Number Two

  • Fresh off his excellent debate performances, Jack Layton has seen poll numbers for him and his party increase significantly. The NDP saw extremely low campaign numbers at the beginning of the campaign, but it appears the party’s fortunes are rebounding. In fact, the NDP is strongly contesting the number two spot in some areas. One of those areas is Ontario, where a few polls have them nearing the Liberals for support. The real shocker is that the NDP is now nearing the second place spot in Quebec… yes, not a typo… Quebec! Unfortunately for the NDP, they will not win nearly the seats they deserve in the popular vote, which will keep them solidly in third place. But the new numbers are encouraging for the party and its supporters.

Keeping the Country Together

  • Stephen Harper has been unabashed with the fact that he wants a majority. In previous campaigns, you would never hear him say that scary word, yet in this election, he has been saying it over and over. I think since his strategy of not asking for a majority has not worked, he is going to try asking for it this time. His latest argument is that a Conservative majority is the only way to prevent the issue of Quebec separation from returning. I think his argument has some validity. What are your thoughts?

As always, please include your thoughts on the previous week of campaigning, or what you think we can expect from this week’s action.


About Chris James

A student of political science at a Canadian University sharing stories of interest on Canadian and American political and social issues.

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  1. harper can also ask for ignatieff to get ran over by a steamroller and for jack layton to get assassinated with a pair of barber shears but it doesnt mean it will happen… we are probably going to have another conservative minority… again.

  2. I don’t think that a Harper government will prevent the resurgence of separatism in Québec, in fact, due to the unpopularity of the government there, it may add fuel to the fire. A lot rests on whether or not embattled Charest can pick up support or if a viable alternative to the PQ emerges and swoops up the soft nationalist vote in a similar fasion to what Layton has done, IMHO.

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