Election Roundup – 3 Weeks To Go

Another week down, and three more to go until Canadians go to polls. Here are some of the major headlines from the campaign trail this week. As always, don’t be afraid to add your own thoughts on the past week’s events.

My Platform is Better Than Yours

  • The parties each released their full platforms this week, outlining what they would do if Canadians handed them the keys to 24 Sussex Drive. I have skimmed each, but not read them in depth… yet. Does anybody besides the media actually sit down and read these things anyways? Nevertheless, I have attached each for anyone that is interested. Interestingly, the Conservative platform (allegedly) mentions Harper’s name 160 times, while the Liberal platform mentions Ignatieff only 5 times. I think we know which party is more leader focussed. You can access the documents below.

Conservative platform here.
Liberal platform here.
NDP platform here.
Green platform here.

Ye Old Liberal Airplane

  • Apparently, the Liberal airplane is quite the vehicle. Reporters who are travelling with the Liberal party, are often tweeting about the oddities of the plane. Here are some tweets from Global National reporter Shirlee Engel, who is travelling with the Liberal bunch. Who knows, maybe the other campaign planes have the same difficulties.

“Just landed in Ottawa and thinking the brakes on the Liberal plane need some grease. Just sayin. #elxn41”
“Ok, maybe not grease. Padding..Whatever it takes to make that awful sound go away.”
“Day 15 on the campaign and a curtain finally goes up on Iggy’s plane. A sign things are about to change?”
“Iggy staff assures our plane is safe. FAA directive on 737-400 applies 2 high-cycle aircraft w over 30,000 cycles. Ours has just over 24,000”

All For Nothing

  • Polls are showing very little movement after two weeks of campaign action. The Conservatives still enjoy a lead of anywhere from 7-11 points over the Liberals, with the NDP stuck in a distant third. While all the polls are different, and the margin of error essentially negates any of the slight shifts that we have seen, it appears that none of the leaders are making a dramatic impact. Many expect that to change following the leaders debates this week.

Hockey ou la politique?

  • The “Broadcast Consortium” won’t cave to pressure to let Elizabeth May into the debates, but they will cave to pressure to change the date of the debates, so it won’t interfere with hockey? Huhhhhhh? Like seriously! The date of the french language debate was changed, so that it did not interfere with the Montreal Candiens game. I am going to stop typing now, so I don’t go on a giant rant and say something stupid.

Whose Last Campaign Will This Be?

  • In 2006 it was Paul Martin. In 2008 it was Stephane Dion. Who will it be in 2011? Will another lacklustre Liberal outcome force Michael Ignatieff to end his tenure as leader sooner than he wants? Or perhaps the Conservatives will turn on Harper if he fails for again to deliver a majority government? Maybe Jack Layton’s party will realize that his nearly ten years as leader have taken the party as far as they can go? Maybe Gilles Duceppe will say “screw it” and walk away from a job that will never put his name in the history books. It could be one, or it could be many, but I don’t see an outcome where every party is satisfied with the leadership of their chief.

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A student of political science at a Canadian University sharing stories of interest on Canadian and American political and social issues.

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  1. I see most if not all moving on after this campaign. Harper will step aside to pressure if he doesn’t deliver that majority, which it doesn’t look like he will at this point. If the Liberals have the same or less amount of seats I see them changing leaders once again and Jack Layton could retire after all the health issues.

    Who knows though…

  2. I think out of any of the leaders, Harper is the one least likely to retire/be forced to retire. I think if the conservatives win, it will be tough to justify kickig the guy out as he will be PM. However if they loose Mr. Stephen “Boring As Toast” Harper is hitting the pavement. I think Iggy is gone if they loose too. By the looks of things so far, they are not much better off than they were with Mr. Stephan “Can You Repeat The Question?” Dion. As for Layton, he should retire and focus on staying alive.

  3. If Ignatieff can show more personality like he did with the speech in Sudbury (Rise up Canada), he may sway some voters. I think people who are apathetic don’t see any leaders of their choices. If Iggy keeps this up he may show there is one.

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