Wednesday Update – March 16, 2011

Here is your weekly dose of current news:


  • The Conservative party has lost two more of its cabinet members. It was announced last week that Stockwell Day and Chuck Strahl are leaving politics. Each has an impressive record with the party. Day is a former leader of the Canadian Alliance, and current Treasury Board President. Strahl is currently in Harper’s cabinet as Transportation Minister. A third MP, John Cummins, also announced he will not seek reelection. Read more here and here.
  • Christy Clark was officially sworn in as British Columbia’s new premier. Clark is the province’s 35th leader. Then a few days after being replaced, Gordon Campbell resigned his seat in the legislature. It was expected he would do that, so Clark (who currently does not have a seat) could contest one in a byelection. Read more here.
  • The federal NDP are currently the second choice amongst voters, after the Bloc Quebecois. Huh? In a new poll, the NDP are ahead of the Liberals and Conservatives. The NDP has always been a sad fourth place in the province, but recent efforts to target the province with better candidates and new issues seems to be working. Read more here.

United States

  • Cocaine was found inside the Kennedy Space Center this week. The white powdery substance was found, tested, and proved to in fact be cocaine. An investigation is now underway to determine where it came from and who had it. Read more here.
  • Despite previously being vague on the subject, President Obama announced confidence in nuclear power, and the nuclear power plants in the United States. He acknowledged the danger inherent in these plants, but reiterated that the locations in the United States are safe, and will remain that way. Read more here.
  • Frank Buckles, the last surviving American World War I veteran died. Buckles convinced army recruiters he was 18, and enlisted when he was 16. President Obama and Vice President Biden attended the funeral. Buckles died at the age of 110. Read more here.


  • Obviously we all know about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The devastation is difficult to comprehend. While the cleanup and recovery continues, the fears over a nuclear disaster are mounting. You can read more almost anywhere.
  • Germany has taken all of its nuclear plants offline, following the danger in Japan. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that all reactors built before 1980 were shut down, in order to check and ensure their safety. Read more here.
  • The meeting of the G8 Foreign Ministers in Paris, failed to agree on a no-fly zone for Libya. It has been argued that a no-fly zone would help the rebel forces who are battling against Gaddafi. At the moment, Germany and Russia oppose the plan. Read more here.

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A student of political science at a Canadian University sharing stories of interest on Canadian and American political and social issues.

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