Wednesday Update – March 9, 2011

You know the drill. Here is a roundup of headlines from the week.


  • Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is likely wondering when his week from hell will be over. It began when one of his aides sent out a letter on his personal MP letterhead asking for money for the Conservative Party. That is a big no-no, as you can not use your position as an MP, or its attached office, for any party fundraising. A logical rule. Kenney apologized, and the aide in question resigned, but the Liberals keep attacking the issue. MP Justin Trudeau has coined a letter to Election Canada about the incident. Read more here.
  • NDP leader Jack Layton’s health has made headlines once again. On Friday, Layton underwent surgery to repair a fractured hip. He is said to be resting comfortably, and on the mend. Some supporters (and opponents) wonder how this will affect the leader if an election is to occur soon. We all know how difficult they can be, even for the healthiest of people. The party says there is nothing to worry about. Read more here.
  • Remember in school, when your parents got a phone call if you missed a class or skipped the whole day? I think we should implement that same system for MP’s in Ottawa. New data shows that attendance amongst the 308 MP’s in Ottawa is pretty bad. Only 8 have perfect attendance records, while many miss dozens of votes. I think if your MP is absent from Parliament, every home in their riding should get a call, informing the residents, just like our parents did when we were in school. Read more here, to find out which party had the worst attendance.

United States:

  • Apparently the hatred towards Sarah Palin is not just reserved for the politician herself. Chuck and Sally Heath, Palin’s parents, revealed to BBC that they sleep with guns, and have received death threats. Obviously the Palins, and their extended family, have security, but they add their own protection. Regardless of your sentiments towards Palin herself, nobody wants to see her or her family harmed. Read more here.
  • The man who shot and killed Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 was once again denied parole. Sirhan Sirhan was initially sentenced to death for killing Kennedy and wounding five others, but that was changed to life imprisonment. The judge stated that Sirhan has not shown the appropriate remorse, and still acts immaturely. Sirhan can reapply for parole in five years. Nobody from the Kennedy family has commented on the decision. Read more here.
  • Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has only been on the job for 2 months, but he already has a large group opposing his leadership. Some in the Democratic party (Walker is a Republican) are attempting to recall Walker, even though the law states an individual must be in the position for at least one year before they can be recalled. Opponents believe Walker’s decisions thus far have been abusive. Read more here.
  • New video from the September 11 terrorist attacks has emerged. The footage from a New York police helicopter, which was trying to rescue trapped office workers, was intended to aid the investigation of the collapse by a government agency. It is a new angle never seen of the attacks, and the pilots can be heard talking about how shocked they are by the attack. Read more here.


  • The trial for former French President Jacques Chirac has been postponed. The former leader was to be investigated on charges of embezzlement and breach of trust. Chirac allegedly paid government officials (who also happened to be his supporters) for jobs that did not exist, while he was mayor of Paris. The court will reconvene in June. Read more here.
  • Not sure if this should be a news story, but I will share it nevertheless. Britain’s Prince Andrew is in trouble regarding a friendship with an American businessman who was sent to jail for attempting to solicit a minor for prostitution. The Prince is also in trouble for entertaining pro Gaddafi individuals in the past. Read more here.

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