How About Some More Buttons?

Well it seems that you people like buttons! Tuesday’s post about past United States campaign buttons was one of the highest viewed posts on TOP. Strange, since I threw it together in about 10 minutes, and never expected anyone to be excited by buttons (well besides myself, that is). Perhaps it was just a random coincidence that there happened to be so much traffic, but nevertheless, as some pointed out, it would be interesting to see some of Canada’s past buttons.

So I went on a search for Canadian campaign buttons and I found… nothing. It is not surprising, as Canadian political items are far less prevalent than American ones. But then I stumbled upon a fantastic website that had four pages of Canadian buttons. As such, the credit for these images and the content of this post belongs solely to them. The website is called ‘Havel’s House of History’ and it’s a really interesting site, with all sorts of political memorabilia, books, collectibles and autographs. It is an interesting site.

The buttons featured below are quite similar in nature to the American ones from Tuesday. There is a seldom seen square button, which I didn’t come across in the American case. It seems that generally parties will only include the party’s name, and not the leader, although there are examples with the leader’s name included. It is likely more cost effective that way, as the buttons can be reused. And we know that parties sometimes go through leaders pretty quickly, so it is smart to not include a name.

I am still contemplating a post about bumper stickers, but that will be another week!


About Chris James

A student of political science at a Canadian University sharing stories of interest on Canadian and American political and social issues.

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  1. Scotland_Yard

    im liking the pin posts! bumper stickers could be fun too!

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