An Open Letter to the Province of Alberta

A few weeks ago I authored a letter to the province of British Columbia following the drama that saw their premier and opposition leader pushed from office. In the letter I talked of the monster which feeds on the political careers of the province’s politicians. Today, I have been forced by recent events to author the same letter to the province of Alberta, which has seen the same thing happen to its premier and opposition leader. If you missed the letter to British Columbia, you can read it here. This is a letter I never thought I would be writing to Alberta, but it is necessary.

Dear Alberta,

I am writing this letter with the kindest of intentions. For many years, other provinces have looked to you as the model of provincial success. The proverbial ‘have’ province, you have mixed your natural beauty with success from natural resources. Your governing party has been what every party strives to be… a juggernaut. For all this and so much more, we thank you.

But your recent actions have shown that perhaps a dark side is beneath your sweet exterior. Recently, a monster, similar to the one in British Columbia, forced a kind, and gentle man from office. Nobody can dispute that Ed Stelmach is a hardworking and dedicated man. Sure he is indecisive. Perhaps he sometimes leads more like a moderate than a conservative. And yes, he may be an awful public speaker. But surely it’s not enough to force him into an early retirement? Why just recently he delivered one of the largest majorities in Alberta’s history.

Then if that drama wasn’t enough, the monster tasted blood and decided it wanted more. Its next victim was another kind, hardworking man, who was not the public speaker his party needed him to be. Dr. David Swann had hardly gotten comfortable in his job as Liberal and opposition leader, and you have taken his career too. Have you no heart? The man was doing the best he could. Granted, he inherited a distant second place party, and watched as it became a distant third place party. And yes, his members seemed to be dropping the Liberal label and jumping ship before our very eyes. But was it enough to kill his political future?

I hope on its path of career destruction, the monster realizes just what it has disrupted. A government of over 40 years, does not just fall in one swift motion. Or does it? The monster may have crippled what little chance the PC party has of returning to government in the next election. Then again, perhaps Stelmach’s sacrifice will be enough to satisfy the monster’s thirst for blood, and it will lay dormant again.

At this point, all we know is that two mighty, but flawed leaders fell prey to a beast that will take no mercy. It gives no relevance to how long the person has been in the job. When the political monster decides it is your time to go, it takes you, whether you are ready or not. One can only hope that Stelmach and Swann’s successors are better at protecting themselves from this beast. For it is only when you think you are truly safe, that it reemerges.

Sincerely, and with a kind heart,

The Ordinary Political

P.S. I fear my next open letters may be to the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, as it appears a monster may be awakening in each province.


About Chris James

A student of political science at a Canadian University sharing stories of interest on Canadian and American political and social issues.

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