What is Sarah Palin Writing About Now?

In Friday’s post I mentioned that I had received Sarah Palin’s book Going Rogue: An American Life last Christmas. I was more interested to hear the dirt she was going to dish on the 2008 campaign than anything about her life. Unfortunately, she was pretty polite to the McCains themselves, less so to the mystical “headquarters” which nixed nearly every idea she proposed. Nevertheless, the book was interesting, and I am glad I read it. I did get pretty sick of the whole “Yay for Alaska” “Yay for my children and family” and Yay for me and small government” which dominates the entire book.

But now, Palin has released another book (and just in time for Christmas). It seems as though a presidential hopeful thinks they have to be an author before they can be president. While Palin has never declared, there is no doubt she is considering a run (or has made up her mind and is waiting for the appropriate moment to announce). This new book is called America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag. I commend Palin (or her publisher) for the clever use of alliteration, but I am not sure if I am going to attempt to wade my way through this book. It no doubt will be a chance for Palin to drone on for 300 or so pages about what is wrong with Washington and how she and her Alaska roots would be able to fix it.

So far reviews and sales of the book have been lacklustre, when compared to her first piece. Obviously her memoir was much anticipated, but this does not have as wide an audience. In the book, Palin quotes many notables, such as Calvin Coolidge, Alexis de Toqueville, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. In writing the book, Palin wished to lay out some of her viewpoints about the current situation and how she believes America has abandoned its roots. I am not sure why she needed to do this in a book, as most people know her sentiments. However, she somehow found the time to author another book in between rallies, commentating, a book tour, reality show and numerous Dancing with the Stars appearances to support her daughter. Did she have help? Of course!

Remember the last gentleman who authored a couple of books and then ran for president? He and his family now reside in the White House. Barack Obama had published both Dream from my Father and The Audacity of Hope before he ran. The sales of those books without question, helped Obama fund his 2008 presidential bid. He most certainly could not have done it on a Senator’s salary alone. As momentum built, he was able to fundraise enormous amounts, but in the early stages his income as an author helped. Palin likewise will need buckets of cash if she wishes to run. She has an enormous amount of legal debt that needs to be paid off, from various legal issues after the 2008 campaign. I am not sure of the current situation of that, but she could no doubt use the cash.

Meanwhile, another presidential hopeful has written a book. Mitt Romney authored No Apology: The Case for American Greatness, another hooray for America book. He has also outlined his views on America today, and how it can be fixed. It seems as though writing a book has become a prerequisite for a presidential bid. Once again, this puts lesser known candidates at a disadvantage, as they don’t have the resources to write a book, and the money that comes from the sales of one.

As I stated, I am not sure if I am brave enough to attempt another 300ish pages of Sarah Palin. While I survived the first book, my rational thinking may not allow me to finish another. What are your thoughts? Would you read a Sarah Palin book? Is she on a money tour, or is this a genuine desire to share her ideas?


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A student of political science at a Canadian University sharing stories of interest on Canadian and American political and social issues.

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  1. Republicans confuse me. It seems that thet believe and treat Americans as if they are idiots and for the most part it works. You would think they would focus on tv or ore areas rather than books. I’d be curious with a comparison of reading levels between Obamas book and Palin or even Romneys.

    • Yeah, very true. I haven’t yet read one of Obama’s books, but it would be interesting to compare. If I had to make a bet, I would say Romney’s and Obama’s would be most comparable. Palin is often out in her own little world in my opinion.

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