Wednesday Update – December 15, 2010

Here are some news stories for this week.


  • The Senate Finance Committee has recommended discontinuation of the beloved penny. The copper coins have become increasingly expensive to produce (at 1.5 cents per penny) and the number of pennies being hoarded instead of spent is increasing. Prices for cash purchases would have to be rounded up accordingly. Interesting idea, that would likely see a lot of opposition. Read more here.
  • Weather in southern Ontario has been so bad recently that stranded motorists near Sarnia were rescued from their stranded cars by military helicopters. The stupid thing, is that some of these motorists drove around police barricades, then became stuck. Now we are dispatching military helicopters to rescue them. I understand you can’t leave them there, but the cost has to be pretty steep! Read more here.
  • Did the Conservatives cheat to win the 2006 election? That is what the opposition parties think happened. The Conservatives are currently awaiting a decision to see if they exceeded their campaign spending in 2006 and the opposition also posits the party is hiding additional expenses. The government, of course, denies all the allegations. Is this political whining or the actual truth? I think the Conservatives pushed the limits as far as they could, but did they actually violate laws? I am hesitant to believe that. Read more here.

United States:

  • Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele decided (surprisingly) to run for a second term. Steele has had a rocky ride in this position. His tenure has been both good and bad for the party, but it was largely expected he would step aside. However, Steele decided to run again, and he has a host of people contesting his job. Read more here.
  • Yet another cruise ship has encountered another problem. This time the “Brilliance of the Seas” was tossed about in rough waters on its way to Egypt. Passengers were safely let off yesterday and are receiving full refunds. People whined and complained, as per usual. But hello! You are on a ship… which is on water… and that ship can rock if the water is rough… is this not grade two science? Did the cruise line intentionally send you flying from port to starboard? No! Read more here.
  • Richard Holbrooke, a well known and respected diplomat has died. Holbrooke had been a fixture of international relations going as far back as the Kennedy presidency. Known for being extremely tough, and hardworking, Holbrooke is a definite loss to the Obama administration. Read more here.


  • There is continuing wikileaks drama this week. I am getting tired of hearing about Julian Assange. He has been granted bail, but no date is set for his release. More leaks, blah, blah, blah. I understand holding governments accountable, but the actions of wikileaks and its followers is ridiculous. You can read stuff just about anywhere.
  • Kosovo’s Prime Minister is being implicated in a human organ smuggling ring. Hashim Thaci is reportedly involved in the scheme, where donors are promised money for kidneys or other organs. They donate the organs, then never receive the money, meanwhile patients from all over the world fly in to receive the smuggled organ. Seeing as how there could be government involvement, this could be difficult to crack. Read more here.
  • The drama surrounding Haiti’s troubled elections continues. Third place candidate Michael Martelly, who was dropped from the upcoming runoff, wants to see an entirely new vote held, not just a runoff. Martelly believes (as does much of the world) that the first vote was suspicious. The two remaining candidates do not wish to see a new vote. Read more here.

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