Wednesday Update – December 8, 2010

Here’s what is making news this week!


-British Columbians now have no idea who their premier will be in 2011. NDP leader Carole James resigned this week. She had been battling infighting in her party, and appeared to have put an end to it. Then the “monster” took her down. If you haven’t read yesterday’s post, check it out and also read more here and here.
-The Conservatives have a new strategy they hope will give them that illusive majority they so desperately want. Instead of pandering to Quebec, they will target specific ridings in english Canada, where they can shape the message around a specific favourable issue. According to a Nanos poll, this could be what they need for a majority. Read more here.
-Quebec Premier Jean Charest will seek another term as leader of that province. Seems to be an interesting decision, since he has been battling to keep his government alive in recent weeks. Polls have also shown him to be the least liked premier in the country. Read more here and here.
-Tim Horton’s is answering questions regarding the design for their winter coffee mugs. The mugs have a maple leaf on them in the english provinces, while in la belle province, the cups feature a snowflake. Does it matter that the maple leaf, a symbol of Canada, is missing? Not really! Tim Horton’s is running a business, and if our francophone friends are more likely to buy cups with snowflakes than maple leafs, then start ordering the snowflakes. Read more here.

United States:

-Elizabeth Edwards, the estranged wife of former presidential hopeful and 2004 vice presidential candidate John Edwards died on Tuesday. She had been battling cancer for six years. On Monday it was announced she had stopped her treatment, and she was with her family and John in her final days. Elizabeth, while known for being John’s wife was also an author and activist who worked tirelessly for many causes. She is survived by three children. Read more here and here.
-President Obama announced a deal surrounding Bush tax cuts. He and select Republicans have agreed to extend the cuts for two more years. It is obviously a move to satisfy the left and right, but will it severely damage the party within his own support base? Potentially. However, Obama states this is necessary for economic recovery. Read more here.

-Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was ordered to be held without bail, regarding outstanding sex crimes allegations. Assange turned himself into authorities. Meanwhile, wikileaks continues to be an international nuisance. The latest problem is the publication of numerous websites (including some Canadian sites) which are vulnerable to terrorism. Read more here.
-Former BP CEO Tony Hayward tops the list of the Biggest CEO Screwups. The list was done by Forbes, and Hayward was chosen for his awful handling of the gulf oil crisis. There is a Canadian on the list as well. The CEO of Enmax was included after his paranoid email to employees defending his salary. Read more here.


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