An Open Letter to the Province of British Columbia

Dear British Columbia,

I write this letter with the kindest of intentions. You have a wonderful history within this great country. Your natural beauty is unsurpassed in many parts of the world, and you were such a gracious host for the Olympics this past year. You can be such a warm, friendly and inviting province, and for that we thank you.

Now, may I bring to your attention the reason for this letter. There is a dark and stormy part of your political history, which you often try to hide. We get distracted by your beautiful ocean views, fantastic mountain ranges and expansive lakes, but every so often we can see through to the true core of your being. What lies deep inside you is a monster, which feeds on the careers of your politicians. This monster sometimes appears to be dormant, or even dead, but will then rear its head once again, taking down one or more individuals. It is my hope that by drawing attention to this matter, steps will be taken to behead this evil creature, which ruins the political lives of so many.

In recent weeks the monster appears hungrier than ever. Its first victim was Premier Gordon Campbell, who was an easy target due to the backlash over the HST and other issues. The audacity of the monster to take down a sitting premier, shows just how out of control it is. Then just yesterday, the monster struck again, this time sinking its teeth into NDP leader Carole James, who was distracted by the infighting within her party. Once the monster decided it was hungry, she did not stand a chance.

It is possible to point to numerous other instances where the monster has emerged and taken with it a politician’s career. It seems as though no premier, mayor, MLA or even school board member can emerge from this political dragon’s den without some battle scars. The unfortunate reality is that many pay the ultimate sacrifice and lose their entire political career and future.

To those brave enough to step forward and put themselves up as a candidate for the leadership of the Liberals or NDP, I wish you good luck. You will need the strength of an army to defeat the monster, which has yet to be tamed. It has no name, no physical appearance, and strikes when you may least expect it. Perhaps in the future it can be stopped, but this week it grew even stronger. May we all have a moment of silence, as we remember the political careers of Mr. Campbell and Ms. James. God speed!

Sincerely and with a warm heart,

The Ordinary Political


About Chris James

A student of political science at a Canadian University sharing stories of interest on Canadian and American political and social issues.

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