How The Rest of Alberta Voted

While much of the attention has been placed on Calgary for Naheed Nenshi’s big win, there were races in all of Alberta’s cities and towns. We will give a brief breakdown of some of the most notable results in the rest of the province.

Beginning in Edmonton, where there really was no contest. Only two new faces will be present in Edmonton’s city hall (full results here). Obviously Edmontonians are quite happy with the performance of their government. Mayor Stephen Mandel secured 55% of the vote and lead his closest rival David Dorward by almost 50,000 votes. A major issue leading up to the election was controversy surrounding the closure of Edmonton’s downtown airport. Those in favour of closing the airport (many on of which are on council) clearly won in the election. The opposing side must now take their fight to other venues. Regardless, Edmonton won’t see any personnel changes for the next three years.

Stephen Mandel

In southern Alberta the story was much different. Lethbridge, in particular, had a situation very similar to Calgary. Mayor Bob Tarleck who served the people of Lethbridge in various positions for decades decided to retire and not seek reelection. Tarleck was an enormously popular mayor and his successor will have a difficult time mirroring the admiration he received from the community. Without any definitive polls in the city, it was not known who would win. After a very close finish two term alderman Rajko Dodic won by only 208 votes. He finished ahead of Chris Spearman, Cheryl Meheden and James Fry. What was interesting about the results (which can be accessed here) is that Dodic, Spearman, Meheden and Frey nearly split the vote equally amongst themselves. Each broke 20% support. While this gives Dodic a shaky mandate from which to govern, he will likely move forward without hesitation. Another interesting fact is that Dodic ran his campaign without a website (something that is almost criminal for the times in which we live). The Lethbridge city council also looks very different. In total seven of the eight incumbents ran for reelection and an additional twenty-two candidates joined the fight. The result was three incumbents returning and there will be five newcomers joining council for the 2010-2013 term. Lots of new faces and possibly a new direction for Lethbridge in the future.

Rajko Dodic

Looking briefly at a few more races, incumbent Morris Flewwelling was reelected in Red Deer. The situation is the same for Norm Boucher in Medicine Hat, although former alderman Julie Friesen gave Boucher a formidable challenge. Grande Prairie and Airdrie both have new mayors. In each case the incumbents were defeated. Grande Prairie Mayor Dwight Logan was defeated by Bill Given and Airdrie Mayor Linda Bruce lost to Peter Brown. Lastly in Okotoks, where the seat was open, Bill Robertson won his bid, beating his opponent Beth Kish by only 301 votes.

The rest of Alberta (with exceptions, of course) generally retained their incumbents or had them acclaimed. Further information on election results in the province can be accessed here or from each city or town’s homepage.


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